How to catch humboldt squids in the deep?

Fishing for squid is one of the simplest that exists, since nowadays they can be fished both at night and during the day and at any time of the year both summer and winter in all the temperate and warm waters of the world. However, it requires some explanations. The necessary elements are:

  • A lure.
  • A flickering light.
  • Bait.
  • Elastic thread to fix the bait.
  • Fishing Reel.

For this type of fishing you should use the Kraken X3, Kraken X2 models or a simple lure with a lead on the bottom.

As seen in the image, the lure needs bait (you can put a whole fish such as mackerel, boga, herring, sardine… or a strip of bait) using the elastic thread to prevent it from being detached with bites. At the top, about 50 centimeters approximately, the flashing light is located, it is automatic, it activates itself when it comes into contact with water and deactivates when it is removed from the water.

The depths and places where squid are fished depend on the time and place. For example, in places like the Canary Islands, a place with a depth of about 1000 meters is needed for the day, although the squids are usually located not at the bottom but in mid-water areas, about 500 meters away. In places such as the Mediterranean Sea, Oceania, or America, fishing is usually done at about 300 meters and in the seas of Chile or Peru, squids are very close to the surface both during the day and at night.

Sometimes the squids attack the lure while it descends and we must be aware of strange movements of the line and pull it immediately.

Once the lure has reached the desired depth, we just have to wait for them to bite to start picking up the line, sometimes it is convenient to move the lure to provoke attacks from the squids.

The collection of the line must be done constantly and without stopping, since if we stop we run the risk of losing the catch. Once the squid or squid reaches the surface, we must raise it to the boat with the help of a net or net or a boat hook, since when it is removed from the water it could tear and fall into the sea. You must be careful with the jets of ink that it launches, in addition to its bite since it has beak-shaped teeth capable of doing us a lot of damage.

How to catch humboldt squids in the surface?

For this fishing, the Kraken X3 or Kraken X2 models are usually used if the squids are large or simple lure if the squids are less than 3 kg and spotlight lighting is also usually used so that the squids are attracted to the surface.

Once the squids are just below the boat, simply throw the lures into the water and make a movement similar to lures so that the squids attack the lures.

This type of fishing can be done in various places around the world, highlighting the the atlantic coast, Mediterranean Sea, all the waters of Oceania, Africa, and almost the entire American continent.

It should be noted the enormous aggressiveness of this type of squid and that in case of having one hooked on our lures it is necessary to collect immediately since they are sometimes cannibals and the other squids will try to eat the one that is trapped in our lure.

Why are there so many squids in our seas lately?

In recent years, scientists around the world have observed a large increase in the populations of humboldt squids, squids, octopus, cuttlefish and cephalopods in general in all the world’s seas. When it comes to explaining the reasons, we find several explanations:

  • Decrease in the main predators: fishing for predatory species of cephalopods such as tunas, amberjacks, groupers, pollock … undoubtedly reduces their population and thus increases the species on which they feed. Cephalopods are part of the diet of all these species, so we understand that overfishing of predatory species is one of the main reasons for the increase in their populations.
  • Global warming favors their procreation: the increase in sea temperature makes cephalopod eggs have a much higher survival rate. In addition, this increase in temperatures makes the cephalopods grow much faster, reaching their reproductive age earlier, so that an individual squid is able to reproduce more times in less time.
  • Adaptation to the environment: there is no doubt that humans are occupying the entire planet, affecting even the oceans and the beings that live in it. In the case of squid, they have been the best at knowing how to adapt to the changes we have made, often taking advantage of the ports to shelter themselves and the lights of the cities to gather together and thus have meeting points for their reproduction.
Why our lures are the best or the world?

After years of development in which we have improved the designs several times, we have achieved the following:

  • Customer opinion: the satisfaction of those who use our products is the most indicative index that our lures work. And it is our own customers who have convinced us that our lures work better than others, not only because they meet their goal of capturing but also because of their durability, robustness and versatility.
  • Effectiveness: with the usual lures a percentage of success in the bites is achieved around 50%, on the other hand, when using ours it is usual to reach percentages close to 100% of effectiveness in the bites. This means that on many occasions we can return home without having lost a single catch.
  • Design of several lures: the design and improvement of different lures is due to the fact that depending on the depth at which the lures are or the size they have, a type of lure is required, for example for great depths and squids of large size we have the “Kraken X-3” model, for medium depths or medium-sized squids the “Kraken X-2” model and for surface and small-sized squids or squid the “Kraken S” and “Kraken L” ranges.
  • Improve the materials: the old lures were made with poor quality steels and even included elements with high percentages of iron in their alloys, which caused them to rust quickly and that they had to be replaced from time to time by new material. Our lures are made of the best steel, having stainless properties and at the same time having the necessary hardness to withstand high stresses. With this, a longer duration in the life of the lure is achieved and that they are capable of making large catches without problem. In addition, the use of luminescent materials makes the lures even more effective, attracting catches even faster.
  • Improve the hydrodynamics of the lures: one of the weak points of the conventional jibs is that they were clumsy and clumsy underwater, having too slow descent and ascent speeds since their hydrodynamics were not developed at all. After the improvement in this aspect we have managed to considerably increase the efficiency in terms of the rates of ascent and descent in the lures, with which you can make more sets in less time, thus opting to obtain more catches.
  • Perfecting the finish: in addition to all of the above, the lures must have an optimal visible appearance, since the functionality must be accompanied by an adequate showiness in the lures.

Due to all this and counting on the opinion of many fishermen after using our lures, we can say that they are considered by most users as the best in the world, being very satisfied with the results obtained. Furthermore, it is our task to continue with the development of new elements and new models that continue to evolve the way of fishing for this species.

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