Four tips Fishing Harpoon

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Four tips harpoon made of marine steel designed for traditional fishing. Its special design of solid steel barbs inside the rod makes them more robust and highly efficient when penetrating the piece to be captured and open when the fish tries to escape.


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Made with the best stainless steel that exists, 316L steel alloyed with molybdenum, this harpoon is capable of capturing any piece that is within reach of the rod, although mainly the objective is usually wahoos, it has also been able to capture tunas, amberjacks, amberjacks, goldens or llampugas among other species.

This is one of the most sustainable fisheries that exist since it is the fisherman himself from the boat who chooses the piece that he is going to catch, thus discarding small specimens or protected species.

The fishing process consists of a wooden rod of about 4 meters at the end of which the harpoon is gently held with some tape so that it does not fall. The fisherman is usually placed at the bow of the boat and indicates to whoever is heading where he has to go to be in the right place to be able to harpoon the piece to be captured. At other times when the fish is close to the side of the boat this is not necessary and the fisherman simply harpoons the piece. When it comes to fishing for breastplate, a wooden lure is usually placed near the boat and the breastplates when approaching to browse are within range of the harpoon. Once harpooned, the shaking of the fish causes the tape that tied the wood to the harpoon to loosen, the wood comes out and the harpoon tied to the boat with a rope must simply be picked up by the fisherman. To be able to remove the harpoon from the piece, it is recommended to completely cross the catch and tie the barbs or deaths with tape.

4 solid bars of 8 mm and 22 cm long.

8 solid 316L steel barbs.

10mm square back bracket 19cm long.

Tip opening: 23 cm.

Shaft hole: 6 cm long and 3 cm wide at the back.

Weight: 600 grams.

* These measurements can be slightly customized, if you want a harpoon with your own measurements, you must contact us before placing the order.

Bright polished steel.

Made by hand in Spain.


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Weight 600 g
Dimensions 30 × 26 × 4 cm
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