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20 Kg humboldt squid captured with our lure Kraken X3


Sirena was born on the island of La Palma (Canary Islands, Spain) by the love of fishing of some sport fishermen who love the sea. At the beginning of 2014, the modality of fishing for squid, a species of squid that can reach more than 20 kilograms in weight, was extended.

At first the lures used, all made abroad, were not only too simple and weak to catch these squid, but their quality left much to be desired, rusting too quickly and even letting most of the catch escape.

Tired of this happening, we decided to innovate and make our own jig. This, although it was quite rudimentary, managed to double and even triple the percentage of bites that ended with a catch. Whereas with the old jars they ended up in capture approximately between 40 and 50% of the bites, now we managed to exceed 90%.

Over time and based on a multitude of tests we have perfected our jigs to the point that today most fishermen who have tried them consider them the best in the world.


¿Why our lures are the best or the world?

After years of development in which we have improved the designs several times, we have achieved the following:

  • Customer opinion: the satisfaction of those who use our products is the most indicative index that our jars work. And it is our own customers who have convinced us that our jiggers work better than others, not only because they meet their goal of capturing but also because of their durability, robustness and versatility.
  • Effectiveness: with the usual lures a percentage of success in the bites is achieved around 50%, on the other hand, when using ours it is usual to reach percentages close to 100% of effectiveness in the bites. This means that on many occasions we can return home without having lost a single catch.
  • Design of several lures: the design and improvement of different lures is due to the fact that depending on the depth at which the lures are or the size they have, a type of lure is required, for example for great depths and pots of large size we have the “Kraken X-3” model, for medium depths or medium-sized pots the “Kraken X-2” model and for surface and small-sized pots or squid the “Kraken S” and “Kraken L” ranges.
  • Improve the materials: the old jars were made with poor quality steels and even included elements with high percentages of iron in their alloys, which caused them to rust quickly and that they had to be replaced from time to time by new material. Our jars are made of the best steel, having stainless properties and at the same time having the necessary hardness to withstand high stresses. With this, a longer duration in the life of the jig is achieved and that they are capable of making large catches without problem. In addition, the use of luminescent materials makes the jars even more effective, attracting catches even faster.
  • Improve the hydrodynamics of the jigs: one of the weak points of the conventional jibs is that they were clumsy and clumsy underwater, having too slow descent and ascent speeds since their hydrodynamics were not developed at all. After the improvement in this aspect we have managed to considerably increase the efficiency in terms of the rates of ascent and descent in the jigs, with which you can make more sets in less time, thus opting to obtain more catches.
  • Perfecting the finish: in addition to all of the above, the jigs must have an optimal visible appearance, since the functionality must be accompanied by an adequate showiness in the lures.

Due to all this and counting on the opinion of many fishermen after using our jars, we can say that they are considered by most users as the best in the world, being very satisfied with the results obtained. Furthermore, it is our task to continue with the development of new elements and new models that continue to evolve the way of fishing for this species.

Where we are?

Our company is located on the island of La Palma, C / Tiguerorte nº 58, 38730 Villa de Mazo, S / C de Tenerife, Spain. You can visit us whenever you want by notifying us beforehand by phone or through our contact form.

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