Professional 12mm steel fishing gaff

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Quality above all else, robust, practical and durable. Made of the best steel there is, AISI 316 marine stainless steel alloyed with molybdenum. Possibly the last gaff you will release.


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This fishing hook is ideal not only for raising the catch on board but also for dragging it inside the boat or even for safely landing it.

The 10mm grapples are recommended for pulling catches up to 150kg.

The professional gaff include a handle with protection for the hand that protects the angler from possible friction with the fish that could cause any damage.

AISI 316 marine stainless steel alloyed with molybdenum gives our hooks and grapples unmatched resistance to saltwater corrosion and prevents the dreaded rust pitting that occurs over time in other types of steels.

In addition, the cold bending system that we carry out in our production process gives it extra resistance, since it avoids the loss of temper and the evaporation of the chromium and nickel present in our steel, which are essential for the correct conservation of the hook as it passes of the years.

The welds are all ultra-reinforced to provide the grapple with enormous resistance, making it practically impossible for them to fail or bend. The welding of the hook to the handle is totally solid.

All of our gaffs are bent at an angle of 180 degrees, which gives them great resistance to vertical weight, being superior to hooks bent at other angles and therefore it is more difficult for a heavy catch to bend the hooks.

The inner tip or also called the almond tip due to the shape of the steel once cut is the one that is best preserved over time, since it does not lose its edge over the years. It also provides a good ability to penetrate the piece.

Made by hand in Spain.

Bright polished steel.

12 mm stainless steel bar.

Length: 60 cm.

Handle width: 25mm.

Handle length: 18.5 cm (hole 12.7cm).

Hook opening: 12.5 cm.

Weight: 1050 grams.

Includes hole for draining the handle.

* The measurements may vary slightly since the hooks are made by hand.

* The manufacturing time of the boat hook will be 3 days from the receipt of the order.

It is recommended to tie the boat to avoid its loss.

Warranty: 50 years.


Additional information

Weight 1045 g
Dimensions 60 × 14.6 × 18.5 cm
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