Fishing gaff 14mm with barb

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Quality above all else, robust, practical and durable. Made of the best steel there is, AISI 316 marine stainless steel alloyed with molybdenum. Possibly the last gaff you will release.


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The AISI 316 marine stainless steel alloyed with molybdenum gives our gaffs an unmatched resistance to salt water corrosion and prevents the appearance of the dreaded rust pitting that occurs over time in other types of steels.

In addition, the cold bending system that we carry out in our production process gives it extra resistance, since it avoids the loss of temper and the evaporation of the chromium and nickel present in our steel, which are essential for the correct conservation of the hook as it passes of the years.

The anchoring system to the pole by means of a tube is considered the best since it prevents fractures in the wood from occurring, in addition to protecting it from the typical blows of fish fighting, which over time end up damaging the handle and they tend to break.

One of the weak points of the hooks is usually the welding of the rod to the tube since it opens and causes problems over time. In our case we have made a solid weld that makes it totally impossible for the hook to release from the tube.

All our hooks are bent at an angle of 180 degrees, which gives them great resistance to a vertical weight, being superior to the hooks bent at other angles and therefore it is more difficult for a heavy weight catch to bend the hooks.

The barb is what prevents the piece from escaping once nailed. It has the positive part that it considerably increases our effectiveness but requires greater dexterity on the part of the fisherman since in case of being nailed in an inappropriate area it is very difficult to unhook the hook for a new nail since it requires a knife to release the part.

The hook includes 2 holes for anchoring to the handle in the shape of a cross for greater resistance of the wood.

The 14 mm hooks are recommended for catches up to 120 kg.

Made by hand in Spain.

Bright polished steel.

Total height: 28.5 cm.

Point height: 17 cm.

Opening: 15.5 cm.

Tube height: 13 cm.

Tube gap: 11 cm.

Weight: 755 grams.

* The measurements may vary slightly since the hooks are made by hand.

The stainless steel tube for the handle can be chosen from the following measurements:

Tube     Outside diameter       Inside diameter

#3                 33mm                          30mm

#4                 35mm                          32mm

#5                 38mm                          35mm

* The choice of tube must be made at the time of ordering in the “Order notes” section, right at the end of filling in the personal data. In case the client does not choose a tube, a hook with a # 4 tube will be sent.

* The manufacturing time of the boat hook will be 5 days from the receipt of the order.

Includes 2 screws, 2 nuts and 4 washers of A4 quality stainless steel measure M6.

The hook is shipped without the handle because the shipping cost would be very high and you can get a quality pole for a very low cost at any hardware or carpentry store.

Warranty: 50 years.


Additional information

Weight 755 g
Dimensions 28.5 × 20 × 3.5 cm
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